Carbon Damage?

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First post ... be gentle :D

Have decided to go full carbon and bought the Specialized Tarmac Comp.

I been merrily sorting gear indexing on my turbo trainer and the bike has slipped out of the rear mount (with me on it). :cry:

Having heard the scare stories about damaged carbon I was initially pretty concerned but looking more closely it has scraped off paintwork about 1mm deep a centimetre or so up from the wheel mounting and exposed a silver surface.

Question is, is the wheel mount section actually aluminium or similar and goes in to a carbon tube a little further up (in which case I'm lucky) or have I done some damage?

Will put pictures up if I can work out how to ...



  • meanredspider
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    Looks all the world like aluminium to me
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    Aluminum - same as on the drop out just below.
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    Looks like Alloy but its also a long way up from the clamping area to still be alloy.

    however, does your turbo need a specific QR ? mounted properly, bikes dont come out of a turbo by them selves! u dont want it happening again!
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    Yes Alloy, and don't use a quick release like that in a turbo, that's why you fell out.

    Need one with a ball end like this. ... xyLN9Sem9H
  • Thanks for the comments. Intended to use the old aluminium frame bike on the turbo but will probably get one of the suggested quick releases as suggested. Will also get a bike maintenance stand so I can index more easily in the future. :shock:
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    that is the alloy drop out, so no carbon damage.

    if you don't have a correct skewer try doing the clamp up so it points horizontally, that way there is no rounded edge for it to pop out.
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