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Felt Nine 50 vs BMC Sportelite SE Deore-SLX

SnowDooSnowDoo Posts: 6
edited January 2016 in MTB buying advice
Hi guys,

I'm trying to decide between two bikes at the moment based on my research and market availability. It's the Felt Nine 50 or the BMC Sportelite SE Deore-SLX. There's a small cost difference between the two, the BMC being more expensive, and I'm trying to understand if the difference is negligible or worth it. The Nine 50 comes only in Small while the Sportelite can come in Medium.

From what I understand, the Sportelite is at an advantage with the fork (RockShox XC30 TK Solo Air) vs RockShox XC30 Tapered. Though as a beginner (my last bike was fully rigid), I'd like to know what you guys think about this?

Also, I noticed that the Deore XT on the Felt Nine 50 may have the advantage in components vs the Deore-SLX. Though, from my perspective, it seems that it's just a small, albeit negligible, concern.

The last thing that's eating me up is the size of the frame and the wheels. If I get the BMC one, it's a 650B while the Felt is a 29er. I'm measured as a medium frame guy so it would be logical to buy for my size. But I someone told me that I could go for a small frame with a 29er, and it would still be okay for my size. I'd like to understand how the wheel and frame size could affect my riding. And would you agree that a smaller frame with a 29er is very similar to a 650B with a medium sized frame?

Lastly, if this is any help for you guys, the purpose of the bike is for commutes on weekdays and trails on the weekends. And if there's anything glaring that should be noted, please do! Hoping to get insights! Thanks in advance!


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