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Maskedmike1984Maskedmike1984 Posts: 11
edited January 2016 in MTB buying advice
Hi need advice on which hardtail would be best, narrowed down to the following:
GHOST kato pro 6 2015,
CUBE LTD Pro 29 2015,
Boardman Pro 29er,
or my fav Canyon Grand Canyon AL 6.9,
All are available for around £700 to £800 mark, but as ive found out some lbs will only do the bikes att RRP :), others will charge an additional 10% so still cheaper than RRp and a few are happy to do it at Sale prices. But all of those differences makes it hard to find a Bicycle in my size 17/18"
But I'm using unfortunately Halfords C2W scheme which again eliminates certain LBS ... Spoke to Canyon who said they would supply a bike to Halfords but it would have to be invoiced/delivery address to one of there irish stores, paid via head office in euro's and then it could be changed delivery address whilst in transit via UPS to a british Halfords Store for pick up... which is great but can just see something going wrong and my bike being stuck in Ireland :( so I'm unsure of what to do...

My cycle2work voucher is for £1000 so looking at spending £700 to £800 on bike and rest on Accs, any advice on similar spec bikes that are worth a look would be greatly appreciated cheers


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