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How to try and keep fitness

renevatrenevat Posts: 56
Hi all, I am taking part in a 150 miler towards the end of June, and have already started training for it. We are of to the states for a fortnight at the beginning of May, getting back just before the bank holiday, although I ain't complaining :oops: . My only issue is how much of any fitness level I have achieved will I lose and can anyone recommend any types of exercises I can do that might help me to not lose to much fitness :lol: . Any advice is most welcome.


  • Where are you going in the States? Plenty of cycling opportunities over there. I have cycled on the Gulf Coast of Florida and few times while on holiday. Also, it's more the weight you will put on after eating over there - big portions!!
  • it depends what you have available to you in terms or equipment and time when your away? are you staying at a hotel with a gym, or somewhere you may be able to hire a bike? or could you go for a run or a swim each day?
  • whoofwhoof Posts: 756
    Are you racing or doing a sportif or some other form of riding?
    If you are racing and have done the necessary training to gain the endurance to race 150 miles then I would try and do a few short efforts of high level stuff so you don't loose your top end speed too much. Also if you are on holiday with others it's probably not practical to go off for hours training.

    If you are not racing don't worry about it. Do some of the stuff advised above if possible to keep ticking over, your body might benefit from a rest. A few years back had to go to the US for work and didn't do any form of exercise for 10 days. I had my most successful racing season ever.
  • AK_jnrAK_jnr Posts: 717
    Run. Simple.
  • stu-bimstu-bim Posts: 406
    If you do nothing for two weeks you will lose some CV fitness but it won't take more than two weeks to get it back either

    You should not lost much endurance fitness in that space

    Certainly, as already suggested, a run once or twice a week should keep you at the level you left or close enough
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  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    hire a bike and ride it? -wheel building and other stuff.
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