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OK with clipless but new to MTB

nickbotfieldnickbotfield Posts: 68
edited January 2016 in MTB beginners
I've been riding clipless pedals (Speedplays) on the road for a good couple of years now but I've only just acquired my first mountain bike at the age of 35! My question is do you think it's worth learning the sort of bike handling skills I'd need on a mountain bike using flats to start with, or should I go straight for clipless from the start?

My concern is that clipless on a road bike is fairly straightforward, just the ocassional unclip at lights and suchlike. I'd imagine off road riding might require a lot more putting my feet down to begin with, and given that I'm not experienced riding off road, would clipless be a step too far at the start?

What are your thoughts?


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