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hello, Newbie from scotland

kenyanscottkenyanscott Posts: 26
edited January 2016 in MTB beginners
Hi everyone,

Noob here.

Well, I have some experience, I did some trails round glentress, Carron valley and I am lucky enough to stay 5 mins away from Cathkin braes mountain bike track.

I used to g round on a really censored bike, it was a £120 from Halfords and it wasnt really doing the trick, so I moved house and decided to invest in a new bike and chuck the old one out.

I had to think about affordability so I got myself a diamondback Decent 29er on an 18" frame (I know the hardcore members will not see this as a step up or a good bike, Ill upgrade eventually)

Not been out yet, since only got it last night, no lights, no puncture repair kits etc.. so will get that over the coming days.

Im wondering about a couple of things

spare tube/tyre - this is a 29er and the tyres I have are shwalbe 2.4 29" tubeless - what would be a good spare to carry around?
I want to join a club but one of the requirements is you need to have a spare, and I don't know what to get!

What else should I carry in my backpack? or should I consider just getting a bag for the saddle? I had a camel pack before which seems like a sensible option - but I know I know I need a multitool, but is the tritool okay or do I need something a bit more versatile?

What do I do interms of a puncture repair kit? - is it different because its tubeless - this is the first time ive had tubeless tyres and dont want to get the wrong thing!

Is there anything else I need to consider taking/purchasing?

look forward to the replies!


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