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Pain in left knee with tights

Unkle77Unkle77 Posts: 32
When I wear tights a pain develops in my left knee after about 30 mins of cycling of both intense and easy cycling, when I'm wearing shorts I never get pain in my knees.

It's a warm pain at the bottom of my left knee on the inside leg side. I've tried moving the tights in different ways and when I pull up spare material the pain subsides for a while though come back as the material shifts back. It seems my tights are pulling my left knee cap down and to the right.

I've tried different tights from wiggle, gore and planet x and they all affect my left knee.

Does anyone have any ideas short of cutting holes in my tights for my left knee?


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,771
    i think kneecaps are supposed to be stable, held in place by tendons

    if you believe one is shifting position due only to clothing it might be worth a word with your doctor to find out what's going on
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  • Last year I started feeling knee pain in the same place as yours.

    I saw a Physio and since following his advice the pain has gone. Previously I've used a NHS and private Physio and found them all to be very useful. I was lucky that I was covered by Bupa to go private, but if you have to pay it's around £30-40 per session. I needed two sessions and I well worth it to get rid of the pain and keep you riding.
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  • Unkle77Unkle77 Posts: 32
    So, I reverted back to wearing shorts and taking the cold, unless it was raining it was fine...

    However Pandora's box had already been opened, the pain in my left knee while cycling changed into pain in my right knee while sitting at work and going up stairs etc with sporadic niggles in my left.

    I went to a physio and they confirmed what I had thought, I have a muscle imbalance where my quads are doing the work of my lazy glutes.

    So now I have to focus on how I cycle, stopping the knees dropping in as well as a number of exercises focusing on glutes.

    In 4 to 6 weeks I should be all OK for proper cycling again :D
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