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Bling Matthews

ShadowriderShadowrider Posts: 483
edited January 2016 in Pro race
I can't decide if I like him, the description of him at the start of this article sounds horrible, but my god does he know how to win bike races and he's only 23.

"The 23-year-old is back home in Canberra, sitting at a Woden cafe, wearing designer sunglasses, studs in each ear, a piercing through his eyebrow and an $8000 white-gold diamond bracelet.
A long necklace with a pair of cobalt-black crucifixes hangs to the middle of his chest, which incongruously happens to lie in the cleavage of the open-shirted bombshell featured on the front of his own fashion T-shirt.


Cooke saying he thinks he can go on and win everything (classics, TDF green jersey, worlds), I think he'll have a huge career. I'm going to add him to team my man I think.

Seems he missed the nationals, I'm assuming as he got married the week before.


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