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Slim/ light disk compatible rack

iron-cloveriron-clover Posts: 737
edited January 2016 in Commuting general
Hi All,
I'm looking to get a Caadx or similar which I'll be using as my commuter when not getting muddy, and am looking to put a lightweight rack on- preferably one of the narrower ones that I won't notice so much when the panniers are taken off.
I don't have any aspirations to lug around heavy loads (I have a hybrid that can do the weekly shop comfortably) and like the look of the narrow/ slim racks. However, I haven't found any that are compatible with disks mounted on the seat stays as on most cross bikes.
So far the only disk compatible rack I've found is the Tortec Transalp disk, but that is overkill for what I'd be using it for.

I'd be grateful if anyone has any suggestions.


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