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Adjusting the 'travel' on hydraulic brakes

jezza10181jezza10181 Posts: 4
edited December 2015 in MTB workshop & tech

Merry Christmas to you all, before we start :)

I have recently bought a Norco mountain bike, and I am pretty pleased with it. But over the weeks that I have had it, I have noticed a small change in the 'travel' of the brake levers.

Meaning, that I am having to pull in the brake levers a greater distance in order to feel the 'bite' of the brakes. I have put this change down to a 'bedding in process', meaning that a new bike will experience changes perhaps in cable tensions etc. So, I am thinking that maybe the oil level in the hydraulic reservoirs has fallen slightly, due to use, which has increased the travel on the brake levers.

How would it be possible to lessen the travel? Is this as simple a process as merely adding more oil to the reservoirs which are near the brake levers on the handlebars?



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