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Forks for teenage son's bike

BigAlBigAl Posts: 3,122
edited December 2015 in MTB buying advice
My lad, 15, currently has a heavily upgraded Giant Revel - lots of parts from my spares bin. 9 spd XT drivetrain, Avid Juicy 5s and my old Pace XC39 forks (80mm)

It's now quite a nice bike, surprisingly light, but the forks, being 80mm, are a bit short (though obviously a massive improvement on the stock, coil Suntour XC?)

He's becoming quite a good rider and is looking to get himself a 2nd hand mid travel FS frame (most likely a Trance - as they're good value and abundant)

Obviously he'll need a much longer fork with a Trance

He's not likely to get a frame for another 6 months or so (he's saving). In the meantime I've said I'll get him some new forks. However these need to work with the Revel (ideally 100mm) and a future frame (ideally 120-140mm)

I've been thinking of RS air U-turn - probably a revelation or Recon. There's always Fox TALAS too though I no less about Fox forks.

RS seem to offer much better value - but any particular models to look for?

And what about Epicons - can they be internally altered between 100/120/140 mm?

26" wheels, straight steere, ideally QR (though I could upgrade his hub if it's the best option), budget £150-200

Any words of wisdom?


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