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What is the biggest menace?

secretsamsecretsam Posts: 5,016
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Colleagues in my office were discussing the provision of statutory levels of bike parking for new build units in London, and commented that they wouldn't cycle in London because it was too dangerous, although one colleague noted the most risk was probably from other cyclists :lol: !

So - what do you consider to be the most risky road user with which we have to contend?

EDIT: motorbikes and scooters added

It's just a hill. Get over it.

What group of road users pose the most risk to cyclists? 104 votes

25% 26 votes
38% 40 votes
Taxis (proper ones)
2% 3 votes
Private hire, Minicabs, etc
10% 11 votes
6% 7 votes
5% 6 votes
Motorbikes, scooters, etc
1% 2 votes
Other cyclists
5% 6 votes
Boris bikes
0% 1 vote
What "other road users"?
1% 2 votes


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