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Upgrading Trek Marlin 7 2015

LJpaloLJpalo Posts: 3
edited December 2015 in MTB buying advice
Hey guys,

So I've had my Marlin 7 for almost a year now..
And it feels like my groupset is at it's end. (the standard shimano altus stuff).
After a few crashes my crankset has become a little bit wobbly and my cassettes are getting rusty. (I live on an island so lots of salt).
So i'm looking to upgrade my groupset with a Shimano SLX M675 10speed. Now, i found a great deal for this online but does anybody know if it will fit on my bike or are there any other better groupsets?

I mainly use my bike for going to work and back home. Wich is about 40 min's everyday. Apart from that I go on some trails 3/4 times a week. The island has a lot of hills so it's a alot of climbing everyday.

Not really new to mountainbiking but this is the first time I would upgrade something by myself. Never really got into the technical part of mtb before.
Any suggestions or maybe help?

Thanks in advance.


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