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Tendinosis; Is there a cure?

dolan_driverdolan_driver Posts: 821
Has anyone ever had a bad case of tendinosis (knee) and been able to find some kind of a cure and get back on the bike?

I have had tendinosis on and off since 2011. I got one plasma injection underneath both kneecaps and that seems to have helped that particular area but the problem still persists in the tendons that run from the front of the lower kneecap down to the top of the shin bone. I have been doing some stretching and foam rolling but nothing provides a long term solution to the problem. I haven't touched my bike since April this year and, in general, there is no pain but if I do something like sit in the rear seat of a car, the squashed-up position leaves my knees sore until I can walk around for 5 minutes or so. This provides relief.

If anyone has had this problem and been able to get past it and get back on the bike, please let me know. It looks like my only option at the moment is to get further plasma injections into the tendons below the knee, which apparently is very sore! :shock: Thanks for any help offered.



  • olake92olake92 Posts: 182
    Holy cow! First, my condolences; I have had 3 'proper' cases of tendinitis and I'm glad it never got to the point where I required surgical/medical intervention.

    That said, rather than write a long winded post explaining everything that has got me back as fit and in fact stronger, I will point you in the direction of a certain invaluable website.

    Ignore the fact that he deals specifically with patellar tendonitis, the same exercises apply for all forms of tendonitis (changing exercises for the respective muscle groups). Have you already seen a physio?

    I found the best exercises were eccentric ones (prescribed by my physio). 100% sure they fixed my achilles tendonitis.

    Obviously, I'm referring to tendonitis, so if you're well beyond that stage, feel free to ignore my advice! However, the point still stands that you need to rebuild your tendons; they don't heal through rest in the same way the rest of the body does.
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  • marcg868marcg868 Posts: 116
    As above suffered from Achillies Tendonitis. Was told to rest,ice and elevate for a few weeks then start the physio exercises. And rest again. This went on for a month till it eventually ruptured. The recovery after surgery took 6 weeks.
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