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Morning Losers!

So last night, Bury lost 2-1 to Scunthorpe, even though we were the better team :roll: sounds about right.

Today, I'll have to find out what retard minion has left us. It's like coming downstairs when you have a new puppy. You don't know what presents he'll have left you.

After work, depending on weather, I might head over to Bury(ish) and have a walk.

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    Today is a day off to meet a builder at a house we are interested in, going to mix in cycling too, so it's a win!
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    Morning tarts and vicars,

    Got a day doing 'stuff' as directed by the mrs, doubt there'll be much fun involved but i will try and involve power tools at every opportunity.

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    Morning all,
    Only got a half day today then home to try and put the Mini back together. Good start to the day, a pain in the aris' of a customer has finally paid his overdue account. Not a huge amount, but it was 6 months old.
    I think that means I don't need to do anything for the rest of the day. I've got some money in, drunk tea and eaten a chocolate muffin. That's a good day and it isn't even 9 yet.
  • Morning noobs.

    Second day back in work after the weekend In Bruges, much beer and food consumed!! also a lot of culture which was actually interesting.. very much liked the place and I hate cities normally!

    Today is work meh, and planning to swap the springs on the DH rig! and to figure how to set sag better on the rear coil..

    toodle pips
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    Rode to work for the first time in over two weeks this morning. Pulled my bike out the cupboard to find the chain and cassette had some of that ginger fuzz on them. Bit annoying but not as annoying as the big farkin tree blocking the path through the woods that I had to climb through. Anyway, work meh on a different site. Tomorrow is my Friday and next week I am off. Bad news is I'm going back to working five day weeks when I come back, and I'll be based in the office so I'm going to have to do some work for a change. Oh well, I got to ride the gravy train for longer than I expected.

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    Evening Gits,

    Better late than never...bit knackered but a good pedal has been had. And I'm sat trying some of that Stella Cider. Mmm...
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    Morning noobs.

    ... very much liked the place and I hate cities normally!

    Don't tell Stevo666 that. He might try to convince you that London is a lovely city and he lives within 10 minutes of "240 acres of woodland" !
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