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Which HR transmitter belt for KK Road Machine T2700

aukrayaukray Posts: 45
I have a KK T2700 complete with inRide sensor, and wish to use it with my iPhone 4S.

The KK hrm belt (using Bluetooth) is £62.99
(Evans ),
whereas Decathlon offer their own version
which seems to do the same job, for £27.99.

I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who's used a Decathlon belt with the KK device or can confirm that they should be compatible.


  • aukrayaukray Posts: 45
    Just heard from Décathlon support who say that their Geonaute belt should do the same job as the far more expensive KK version. Décathlon tech stuff is usually good quality, so I've ordered one.
  • aukrayaukray Posts: 45
    To answer my own question(!) I bought a Decathlon belt and it works perfectly with the KK app and with my iPhone, so I seem to have saved £35.
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