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Zwift what laptop

gusm41gusm41 Posts: 92
I'm looking for a new laptop that will work fairly well with Zwift. Any recommendations?


  • okgookgo Posts: 4,368
    Any that meet the spec I guess, its not that intensive I don't think

    I run it on a macbook air - well, I ran the trial, I found it pretty dull so won't buy it.
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  • I am no IT expert but after Zwift failed to run on my laptop (5 year old Dell) i had a word with my IT guy about buying a new laptop that would meet requirements.

    Turns out the graphics card needs to be relatively powerful which rules out cheap laptops.

    From having a quick look anything in the £350 + range seemed to meet the minimum
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  • gusm41gusm41 Posts: 92
    Thanks for the info i was looking for middle of the road specs, can anyone recommend a laptop?
  • If you can wait a couple months, the new Intel Skylake chips with Iris graphics look interesting. They'll use the emerging memory standard , DDR 4 instead of DDR 3, which might make things easier if you want to upgrade down the road. Iris graphics + DDR 4 should give graphics performance equivalent to a modest discrete graphics chip.
  • penskipenski Posts: 124
    As others have said, its the graphics card in the laptop that will determine how well Zwift runs (assuming you haven't opted for a terrible CPU). Anything with 'Onboard / shared' graphics will be inferior to something with a dedicated GPU.
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