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Hi all, I'm currently part of a group who are trying to design and build the best folding bike possible and we would really like to get your input, we have created this simple 10 question survey ( to hopefully gain some more insight on the current market and hopefully start a conversation about how we as a group can make this college projecct something real.

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    I've filled out the survey. To be blunt it doesn't seem to ask much useful.

    Have a read over
    That was the last 'next big thing in folding bikes' post and it got more of a response than most here do.

    What do you mean by 'the best folding bike'

    Do you want it to fold well? e.g. Brompton
    Do you want it to feel like a 'real' bike? e.g. Airnimal
    Do you want it to be cheap but does the job? A bunch of others

    If you can hit all 3 then great, but if not then you'll need to figure out what 'best' means.

    I don't have a folder. If I did I think it'd end up being a Brompton. They're quick enough given the right engine and they fold well. They're lighter than most hybrids.

    If there were a basic folding frame that could be adapted with off the shelf parts then I think you'd do well. The ability to upgrade bars, stem, brakes, gears wheels maybe, with a fold that still worked.

    Anyway, good luck with clarifying what you want to make :D
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  • I did your survey. It was indeed very quick to take part in although, as a non-foldy man, i'm not your target market. I fit my road bike into my car each day and then cycle the last 7-15 miles (weather and time of year dependant). For that reason, i would only consider a foldie that felt very much like a "real" bike!