Trick Saturday Thread

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Yeah Saturday

Today is book a place on the Dartmoor Classic, some family stuff and then rugby (obviously with beer) then trick or treating's on the way to the pub with the rugrats


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    Another lovely sunny day in rural France means more outdoor garden work with petrol driven implements that quite possibly want to kill me!
    Looking firward to the rugby, boozes will be had.
    One massive plus living half a mile from the local village is none of that trick or treating shyte! Pesky kids!

    Loving life in rural SW France

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  • Morning Losers!

    I could have had more sleep, had it not been for those meddling builders next door moving stuff about.

    Today I need to do some form of exercise this morning as I'm feeling like I'm losing all the good work I've put in (lost about 3/4 of a stone) and then later I'm off to the football, where I have a feeling Blackpool fans are going to ruin the game somehow. After that, I might try and grab my microphones so I can sell them.

    Then back to da Hudd to watch the rugby, which I'll have recorded.

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    Afternoon mongs,

    Long drive up to the frozen North this morning. Football was shyte, saw the end of the rugby and it looked good. Fish n chips and a fair bit of grog will be had tonight.
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    Evening all,
    Busy day of painting stuffs and a bit of fettling of the Mini. Both kids are out for the evening so I'm on here whilst the EPO watches the X factor. Eaten too much so feeling particularly lethargic. Rugby was good to watch. Trick or treaters were kept at bay by a sign saying "wet paint".
    Hoping for a quiet day tomorrow.