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Best Wheels for Cervelo R3?

jplescajplesca Posts: 18
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Hello everyone!
I'm new to road bikeing as I traditionally mountain bike but I bought a Cervelo R3 and love it. I don't have much experience to wheels but from all the feedback it sounds like I should upgrade the Shimano R500 that come with the bike as they are around 1850 grams and mixed reviews are out there on reliability. So what would be a good 700C rim to go on there. I weigh 185 lb are around 84 kg. Also I do a fair bit of cycling in the hills where I live in Canada. Not racing but I want a versatile wheel for group rides that will stay reliable and stay true. what would you guys put on your bikes that is good for under $1000 CAD. I would go with hand builts but where I live there are not too many people who do it and again I'm not sure what would be the best.

Thank you!


  • andcpandcp Posts: 644
    My 2 cents. I have these on my R3:

    Light enough, strong and no discernible flexing for me (78kgs, old, not that powerful) 5000 kms+ this year on them including climbs in the Pyrenees and Majorca
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  • Mr DogMr Dog Posts: 643
    RS81 are good wheels, have the same rim as the Dura Ace wheel, but get some swiss stop green pads as the rims wear relatively quickly. I use handbuilt carbon tubs on my Cervelo in the summer and Kysrium Elites in fall and spring. Given your weight they would be stiffer. For the cash you won't find a better factory wheel.. so much stronger than the RS81. As with all factory wheels bear in mind they are disposable, once the rim is gone you may as well bin them. I buy the Elites on sale. My current set are 3 years old and I have another set waiting in the wings. I take them to the mountains as they superb climbing wheels.
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  • singletonsingleton Posts: 2,179
    I'm not sure what the pricing is like for you, but me and a number of riding friends have Fulcrum Racing zeros and they're great.
    I would also consider American Classic Argent Road tubeless as well.
  • jplescajplesca Posts: 18
    Thanks for the input guys! I have had my eyes on the RS81 C24s. They look like a great value! Also the kystriums. Fulcrum racing I was thinking to go with the 3s. I might hold off the purchase just because it seems like saving up more and getting a more expensive wheel lasts much longer!
  • singletonsingleton Posts: 2,179
    I have Fulcrum racing 3's on my second/winter bike and they're great wheels - they're almost certainly a better bang per buck than the zeros.

    My primary/summer bike had RS81 C35's and last year I replaced those with the zeros. It all depends what you want, what your budget is and your riding.
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,990
    Give these guys a call:
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  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Pacenti SL25 on Dura Ace 9000 hubs. Job done.
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  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 3,729
    Pacenti SL25 on Dura Ace 9000 hubs. Job done.

    Pacenti SL23 for rim brakes.
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Good point. Thought they were doing a rim brake version of the SL25 but apparently not.
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  • Pacenti SL25 on Dura Ace 9000 hubs. Job done.

    I thought the same but i like to run 90-100 psi. I found that when i ran anything over 90psi the tire would rub the chain stay on my r3 when climbing or sprinting. It is a team model from 2013 so the spacing might be different now. My set up was Pacenti sl23's, gp400s 23's.

    Im running hope hubs with hplus son rims and really like them!
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    How heavy are you and what spoke count were you running?
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  • im 75kg and was running 20/24 spam cx-rays. The wheels are now on my s3 and are fine at 90psi
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    20/24 is too low a spoke count. 28/28 minimum. Shallow section handbuilts aren't designed to run stupid high spoke tension like factory builds so you need to go with more spokes.
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