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Megavalanche video

antludlowantludlow Posts: 22
edited October 2015 in Your pics and vids
Hey, this is from this year in July. Given I'm trying to get my 15 posts, so I can sell some bikes - here's a video of Mega!



  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,713
    That's a great video.
    One of the best edits I have seen: not too long, plenty of different shots and a variety of scenes. 8)
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,852
    Ant, loved the youtube clip, how about a post for the uninitiated on how you or individuals could get into something like this. I liked the fact that you showed your offs and everyone else's as well, so you got the good the bad and the ugly. Awesome effort, would you do it again though. Well done mate.
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  • Cheers :)

    I've only been riding a couple of years and some of the first people I met in mountain biking (now great friends) happened to have done the Mega. I remember us chatting about it and it seeming like the kind of thing id never be capable of. I was carrying many injuries, was fat, smoked and just generally censored on a bike.

    It was quite surreal to find myself staring down the black mega ski run a couple of years later. It's fair to say that mountain biking has been a very positive force in improving my lifestyle and fitness.

    And yeah, I'll be doing it again next year, with high expectations of drastically improving my placing.
  • PaulBoPaulBo Posts: 2
    Impressive !
    Great video and edit ! When is the next one ?
  • russyhrussyh Posts: 1,375
    Great video thanks for sharing! I'm desperate to do the MA just finding some like minded buddies to go with like you did is the tricky bit!
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