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Which new rear derailleur?

lonegringolonegringo Posts: 26
edited September 2015 in The workshop
I'm thinking to replace my 16-year old Shimano Deore rear derailleur on my touring bike (surly LHT 27v). It's probably seen the best part of 100k kilometers in that time what with all the commuting, weekend rides and holidays I've had on it. Anyway, its time to say goodbye.

I now have the choice of another Deore (SGS M-592 9v) or the SLX (M-662 9v) at the same price (about 35 quid where I am) or the Alvio at less than half of that. I am commuting 16km everyday with loaded rear panniers over cyclepaths and terrible tarmac (São Paulo) so it can get pretty bumpy.

I've heard things about the "clutch" in the shadow models that will help prevent chain slap.

To be fair, if the rear derailleur lasts another 16 years, the cost is really negligible, I just need help deciding between the two...

Thanks in advance


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