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How much is my bike worth once its all ready...

Yafai_BikerYafai_Biker Posts: 10
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Ok, So... i have a b'twin Rockrider Big 8, its the 29er is black blue and white, it has new wider handlebars because the other was like 600mm or something, to short. Also some lock on red grips, lizard skins at the back for the chain, hollow tech bottom bracket blah blah blah, lets cut to the chase, i bought the bike used, only 4 months old, the guy i got it off was a keen rider because of all the attatchments that are on there, he has taken the largest cog off the front, i dont have a clue why but now it only has 20 gears, i just want to know if its an easy job to put back on or not.

Now... i want to know how much my bike is worth... its in almost brand new condition framewise, literally 2 id call "stonechips" thats it. The tyres look brand new but never fear i have a spare pair brand new and untouched! it has the new handlebars and grips, lockable suspension via handlebars il put the link down below to it. it was built in november 2014 so its coming up to its 1 year anniversary... great bike and great reviews. If you know how much its worth please say. Thanks :mrgreen:



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