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Which XTC is this?

revlucrevluc Posts: 4
edited August 2015 in MTB buying advice
Good evening yall,
I was recently restationed to Germany and will be purchasing a MTB here ASAP and am new to the scene. I've done as much research as I can but haven't been able to locate this exact model. There is a soldier on my instillation that is selling it for $1000 and I believe I can talk down to 900 or so. But I cant find it online and he says that its a XTC Aluxx SL which he purchased while stationed in korea and I would very much like to ensure its not a knock off. I road it around the parking lot once and it is nice and super light, functions well, the whole sha bang. I would like some opinions from the veterans before I pull the trigger ya know? Thanks Gentlemen, it means allot!

Other considering factors: I am 5'7 and the frame is a large. If I dont purchase this I'll probably get a Grand Canyon 5.9.


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