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Trainer road or training peaks

longsterlongster Posts: 47
With winter coming early this year I was wondering what one I should go for I have a turbo and rollers and a stages power meter. Take it I will need a ant dongle to run my garmin as well. Will be great full for Any information or ideas. Thanks Mark


  • JackPozziJackPozzi Posts: 1,191
    Well, they're completely different things so it's hard to say! TP is a great way of keeping track of your data, whereas TR makes indoor training a bit less hassle and (in my case) makes it easier to find the motivation to get on the turbo/rollers. Personally if I had to pick one or the other it would be trainerroad and use golden cheetah as a free alternative to TP
  • Totally agree with Jack. TP helps you analyze data - TR tells you what to do in a session
    I use TR and I think it is great - I have never used TP but have looked at it and cannot see how it would help me.
  • longsterlongster Posts: 47
    Ok thanks for the info guys I will do as you suggested
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