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Pre Evening Crit Fueling

CornishInitBeyCornishInitBey Posts: 14
Morning all

First Cat 4 Crit this Evening and I am looking for advice on fuelling in the hours leading up to the start (1900)

My planned normal daily intake is Breakfast – Muesli. Mid-Morning – Yoghurt & Orange. Lunch – Pasta Salad with a graze box and an apple mid-afternoon (possibly chucking a banana in there for good measure!)

I do a office job and finishing at 1600 this afternoon (so not burning any calories at work). Obviously by 1900 I expect to be a starving mess so what would your guys advice be on eating something light’ish around 1700?

I was thinking maybe a couple of Weetabix or porridge and a banana or something like a jam sandwich?

I am pretty poor at fuelling correctly and always seem to be taking on either too little or too much prior to any pace rides (for info I am 6’3 and 78KG)



  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,025
    Anything light. Don't over-think it. Assuming you follow a regular balanced diet, you will not run out of glycogen in a 1hr crit.
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