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Morning Losers!

Had a nice meal with some friends last night, it was a good catchup, and the friends were all hot womens, so that was a bonus. I finished the night off watching Braveheart with JD and coke. Not bad really.

Today I have to cash a cheque from the DVLA people (sold the car with 6 months tax left on it!), do some conducting shizzle and then off to watch Bury's first home game of the season. Hopefully today will be a good day.

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    Morning all,
    Woken too early by the builders next door. Now trying to make the house as near to bombproof as possible as the boy is having a load of people round. Apparently 25 people isn't a party. I'm buying in cheap, weak lager and then going to the pub later. How much damage can 16 year olds cause? Better warn the neighbours.
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    Good gay Lycra ride with the club this morning, leading a slightly peed of wife as we have got a load of people over later

    Now collecting a barrel of beer and I've been given a free pint - happy days
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    Afternoon communters

    Been out playing golf, won a few quid, had beer, now sat talking about our move to France that is rapidly approaching!

    BBQ'd meat later.
    Loving life in rural SW France

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    day one of MIAS course done today.

    Pretty easy to be fair and delivered by an excellent instrutor. Night and day difference between this and the last course i attended.

    new bike is so good i cant believe it. looking forward to a decent run out tomorrow.

    Off to a wedding reception in a little while then an early night before riding tomorrow.
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    It was the long slog up North this morning so left the hound behind. Had fish chips n mushies for dinner and will get a decent nights sleep after I've finished this bottle of red and watched the footy.
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