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Preferred Tyres

avalanche_expertavalanche_expert Posts: 177
edited August 2015 in MTB buying advice
What's your preferred tyre choice/brand? The WTB Nano which came on my bike are now pretty well worn especially on the rear after 1000 miles.

I'm sticking with inner tubes for the time being, as it's what I'm used to and very easy to swap tyres.

I mainly ride in the dry/slight damp. Sometimes I'm out when it's very muddy with big puddles depending how much rain there has been. I don't tend to ride in the rain if I can help it. My riding is mixed as I ride on loose gravel tracks, woodland trails, roots, rocks, grass, tarmac and roads. I ride quite hard and for long periods of time, so grip is the most important factor with good rolling resistance second.

Cost doesn't bother me neither does longevity, but it would be a nice bonus! As long as they grip and roll well as top priority I'm happy. Do you have any recommendations? I have 650B wheels if it makes any difference. Been looking at Continental Race King and X King Black Chilli versions, but I'm open to any suggestions.


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