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What Tyres - advice needed please

noel2015noel2015 Posts: 3
edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice
Hi all.
I am a newbie if you like. I bought a Cannondale Trail 7 29er and it came with the standard chunky Cannondale tyres on it.
Having racked up a fair few miles since bought few months ago, I am realising that around 70% of my rides are on the roads, and around 30% on my local canal towpaths.
I keep hearing that a different tyre could make a good difference, especially to my road rides.
It is a minefield though to a beginner as theres so many different tyres out there.
Can anyone offer their honest opinions on what would be the best sort of tyre for me. I would like to keep the odd canal rides going so if possible, a tyre that will A) Make my road riding faster/easier, and B) still allow me the odd ride on the canal.
I am not into hardcore trail riding or anything.
Hope you can help


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