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Garmin Vector 2

KheSanhKheSanh Posts: 62
edited August 2015 in Training, fitness and health
Anyone using Garmin Vector 2? Would you recommend the system? I'd also have to upgrade to probably the Garmin 1000 so will be a lot of pennies but I like the idea of changing the pedals over to my winter bike later on in the year.


  • Dodger747Dodger747 Posts: 305
    Vector 1 works perfectly for me, the second version is essentially the same although with a different 'pod' clamping system.
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  • KheSanhKheSanh Posts: 62
    Excellent thanks.
  • gavbarrongavbarron Posts: 824
    I've just upgraded to Vector 2 from 1. Whatever you do get Vector 2, it is a huge improvement if you change between bikes. Previously you had to fit the pedal and pod together, then try keep the pod where you want it as you torqued everything up. With the vector 2, you just fit pedal as you would any other and then quickly clip on and tighten the pods after with an allen key. Very simple and makes installation between bikes easy.
    The newer pods also have lights to indicate when searching, connecting, etc as well as low battery.
    I change pedals between bikes, a lot, and these make it almost as easy as swapping a power tap wheel between bikes.

    That all aside, I've found them to be consistent and as accurate as my power tap.

    You don't necessarily need a Garmin 1000. A 500/510 will provide all the information you need really. The 'cycling dynamics' stuff is all bumpf really and even a very high up chap at Garmin confessed to me that it was largely unimportant data but everyone needs to offer something different to distinguish them from the competitors.
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,026
    The Upgrade pack includes a new spindle for the pedal as well as the redesigned pod.
    Do you need to actually replace the existing spindle?
  • gavbarrongavbarron Posts: 824
    Not if your current spindles are ok and free of play. Just keep them as spares
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,026
  • PhunkyPhilPhunkyPhil Posts: 143
    Any head unit will pick up the power and cadence information.

    You only need the newer Edge devices for cycling dynamics and there isn't really much useful information on how to use this data and if its useful to improve performance anyway.
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    With the recent Power2Max price drop, it would be silly to buy anything else.
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  • PhunkyPhilPhunkyPhil Posts: 143
    With the recent Power2Max price drop, it would be silly to buy anything else.

    I have both :P All power meters have advantages and disadvantages over others.
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