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Vastus medialis - very sore

photosynthphotosynth Posts: 2
Hello...Would just like to get some sensible thoughts before I pester a doctor about this.

I've never had pain in the Vastus medials that didn't go away within 5 hours after a ride.
Even then it's rare for me to have pain there in the first place, it'd have to be a brutal ride.
However, last two or three rides I've had on my training bike I've come off and within say 30mins they flare up.
This is the problem though, it's taking a day or so to cool down, this is unusual for me.

Now here comes the no brainer bit...I changed my seat position.
I raised the saddle over the course of a few weeks and moved the seat slightly further back by millimeters.
So you expect that all I have to do would be to change it back - yes, I will try this for sure.
Though I have read a few articles that suggest you raise the saddle if you're having this exact problem with the quads ...but that doesn't seem right.

I'm not sure this is happening with my race bike as well as my training bike as I haven't used the race bike for a 60+ mile ride for a while.

Also, I'm sure I've done long rides on my training bike a few weeks ago with the new seat position and came out of those rides fine the next just seems to have flared up in the last couple of rides.

To give you an idea of what sort of rider I am I'll do about 250 miles in a week over winter and maybe 180 miles a week in summer, though the intensity is higher with intervals for the races. I have an active recovery day in the week and a rest day in the week, every third week I use as a recovery week.

Sorry to waffle on but I'm trying to give you as much detail as possible.
Is there a classic thing to change if you get this prolonged soreness?
I've been training this way for three years and never encountered anything like this until the last few rides.
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