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Wahoo KICKR and missing ambient temperature

RJKflyerRJKflyer Posts: 102

Have just bought the excellent Kickr.

One anomaly is that, using either TrainerRoad (as .TCX) or Bkool (as .FIT), my ride 'data' appears to be missing ambient temperature: when I import the rides into Golden Cheetah, the ambient temp is reported as -427degF/-255degC. (If I use my Garmin Edge to capture the workout, I get the ambient temp data, from the Garmin of course).

A friend has a Kickr too and his workout data appears to have the same flaw.

Anyone any thoughts? Is it simply that the Kickr has no ambient temp sensor? (I know it has one for power temp compensation but that I assume is the temp of the mechanical gubbins).


  • sungodsungod Posts: 12,989
    can't see why an indoor trainer would include temperature in metrics, the things get hot so the figure would become meaningless as the workout progressed

    powermeters don't either, it's a function of the head unit, pc7, garmin, whatever

    gc is not good at handling missing or unexpected input data - unless they fixed it, negative elevation causes crazy figures due to internal signed/unsigned type mismatch(es), so you had to set base elevation higher than reality to ensure a drop in atmospheric pressure didn't trigger the bug and mess up climb figures

    sounds like another instance where gc needs some tweaking to void the metric instead of reporting nonsensical figures
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  • RJKflyerRJKflyer Posts: 102
    Yes, thought so, so will progress with GC...

    Kickr (and my Power2Max PM) do have temp compensation, but as we both concur, this is to do with maintaining readings correct as the devices change temperature.
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