Ye Gods, it's Friday!

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Morning Losers!

After reading the huge rant of someone effectively quitting their job over nothing, I'm a bit confused now.

Today, I will be doing some works stuff, and then returning home and heading off to Bury. I must remember to pack some sports stuff away as I'm playing Rounders this weekend. I've not played Rounders since I was about 6, it's a bit like baseball but with a smaller bat I believe?

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    What we need is a rant and people quitting the forums - would be funny, but probably not enough people to do it!


    Not enough sleep, but that's becoming the norm. Meant to be in Solihull today but switched to work locally as the Solihull impacts work to pub time
  • kinioo
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    Morning Ladies!

    Yes, its Friday !!

    Long ride out last night due to the few punctures in our group - got home about 11pm!!

    Gym this morning @ 6:30 - legs workout...

    Office time now, maybe solo ride out later on in the evening.

    Few bits and bobs to do tomorrow and BBQ in the afternoon - sounds like a plan !

    Have a nice day and weekend chaps !!

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    Morning all,
    If people start having hissy fits and quitting fora it really will be a ghost town in here.
    Interesting start to the day. Riding along on the approach to the park and there's a bloke on the pavement leading something that looked from a distance like a ferret with a big head. Got closer and realised it was a mother duck and ducklings line astern behind him. I stopped at the park gate to try and get a picture but they were running around in circles at this point trying to get into the road. So I tried to help him herd them into the park to the pond. Turned out he'd already been leading them for half a mile. After causing much chaos we got them all into the park and to the pond in safety. Most entertaining.
    My email isn't working because the server that's not in a cloud but some hell hole in the desert of Arizona has gone belly up. Could make getting my orders out today rather difficult.
    I'm going to the pub straight after work with the wife and some friends. Good way to start the weekend.
    Onwards and upwards...
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    Morning twerkers,

    GTFI it's fryday, i love fryday! It's acceptable to bunk off early on fryday without lying! I've had bacons, the sun is out and i'm on the beers later.

    Have a good un quitters!
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    Morning gimps,

    4 more hours of work, driving range on the way home, bbq tonight, then golfing in Cornwall for the weekend. I guess this is what it's like to be a real boy. Certainly beats spending my weekend dealing with incompetent minions and the general public.

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    I'm ripping up some decking in an orderly manner.

    God times ahoy...
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    Another lazy day at work. It'll be over soon.
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  • Stevo_666
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    Evening Pervs,

    Its my wedding anniversary today so I'm headed hone for a nice spit of dinner with the EPO. Although its Friday and sunny down in The Big Smoke so I thought it would be rude not to have a crafty pint on the way home. She'll never know...
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    Have spent the week in Weymouth building bridges. Unfortunately the weekend involves organised work activities before building some more bridges next week.

    Large amounts of alcohol may be consumed this weekend to make up for not being at home.