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Don't know what I want??

jollypop80jollypop80 Posts: 2
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Recently moved to MK and whilst out running I noticed how good the cycle path network is. Which made me want a bike again. I love the Boardman hybrids, I'm too much of a clumsy lump to ride a road bike so road bike MTB or hybrid is where I'm looking.

I like the idea of a MTB as I'm not really 34, I am in fact 12 and love bunny hopping off kerbs and popping the odd wheelie. All such things a 115kg guy should not do on a 700c wheel... But having ridden a few hybrids, the power transfer is phenomenal. The acceleration and handling brilliant, and on cycle/towpaths with some decent tyres I'm thinking a hybrid is the way forward. But what If the urge takes me to stand up and sprint up a bank or across a field??

The obvious answer reading forum posts seems to be the Boardman MX which is a hybrid, erm, hybrid?

However at 13.8kg its a full kilo heavier than the Boardman Comp MTB, which makes no sense as surely the hybrid should be the lighter?

Any how as you can see I don't really know what I want so if someone could suggest some options i'd be grateful

I'm not set on Boardmans BTW, they just seem to be the measuring stick by some people in terms of value.

Looking forward to responses



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