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Does lower intensity exercise make you more hungry

andyebandyeb Posts: 407
A little observation from a few years of training at different intensities - seems that medium length rides at a low intensity (heart rate zone 1 & 2) seem to make me more hungry than a short blast or a hard interval session on the turbo, even if the estimated number of calories remains about the same.

For example, if I take the long route to work (15 miles) at a low intensity, I'm hungry earlier in the day than if I go direct (10 miles) and ride hard. The effect seems to last into the next day.

This is also backed up from days when I've done walking in place of cycling - for example walking 2.5 miles to the train station to get to work rather than cycling; I get hungry much earlier in the morning.

This seems counter intuitive, as HIIT/interval training is supposed to spike your metabolic rate, so you'd expect that to make you hungry sooner surely?


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