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Slicker tyres for back wheel advice please

adamCCCadamCCC Posts: 26
edited June 2015 in MTB buying advice

I'm looking to get a slicker tyre for my back wheel as I do a decent amount of miles on tarmac as well as off road.

I have 1 new'ish tyre currently, which im thinking about moving to the front, its a "Maxxis Larsen TT XC MTB Tyre
Black, 26", 2.0", Folding Bead, 70a"

Could anyone advise on which back tyre I should go for? I want something slicker to give me extra speed on tarmac. I was looking at but they only come in a folding bead (i find it much easier to change folding bead tyres) with a 2.2" width, does it make a difference that its slightly wider? Also, can I go for a tyre with even less tread?

I would greatly appreciate any advice as im a bit lost on this!




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