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Bank Junction protest LCC org today

vinnychoffvinnychoff Posts: 15
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I travelled to London and made a special journey for the protest. I have to say the turnout and reception was very good. I took some videos and the area came to a standstill. The motorists seemed to understand what was happening and James obrian on Lbc also was talking abou the event. I managed to call in and say my part. It was a emotional time there and I hope in some way that the event helps move on the debate of what to do to prevent deaths like this.

Should we change our law for motorists to be accountable to cyclists 15 votes

Cyclists should have right of way
26% 4 votes
Car users should have right of way
0% 0 votes
Cyclists should be separated from the road
13% 2 votes
Change the law to benefit cyclists
60% 9 votes
Change the law to benefit car users
0% 0 votes


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