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CAAD3, Can you use a shimano cassette with a Campag groupset

daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 9,010
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Guys, after some assistance.

My big bro has a CAAD 3 from a fair while back, but he had a 10-spd Campag groupset fitted about 4 -5 years ago (I forget the flavour, but when I looked it up once upon a time it seemed to be equivalent to 105).

He is on a tight budget, and it seems likely he might finally need new wheels, and at the same time he may as well go for new chain and cassette.

The ones on there are Campag, again forget the model.

So I have some brand new Fulcrum 5's sat around that I would let him have for £120, but of course they have a Shimano freewheel - so my question is can he use them with a shimano 10 spd cassette (I have some Ultegra ones sat about as well) and if it will work, should we go for Campag chain, or Shimano chain?

Or is the only solution to get a campag freewheel to replace the current one?

Many thanks

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