Can you make your commute a strava segment?

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I wanted to compare how fast my commute has been over the past few months to see how much I've improved. I took a commute and made the whole thing a private segment. I assumed it would take some time then update and show all my times for it. It hasn't. Instead the commute I took it from is the one and only time on there. Tried 'refresh my results' which does nothing and can't see any other options.

Is there any way to do what I want?


  • markhewitt1978
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    That should normally work. Although if it starts and ends within your privacy zone it won't. Sometimes it can take a while to update sometimes 24 hours. Also make sure that commute is representative, look at the GPS trace make sure there are no errors in there.
  • pastryboy
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    Ah, there will almost certaintly be a bit of privacy zone in there at the start. Will shorten it a bit and see what happens.

  • Pretty sure you can make a segment and mark it as private too, so that you don't get the big kids coming along and beating you ;)
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    I have exactly the same issue, I was careful to start the segment well outside my privacy zone, but it only shows me having ever done it once, though I've done it literally hundreds of times. It's very annoying.
    Perhaps Strava's algorithm has a maximum "cumulative error" between rides, with all the tiny natural GPS errors adding up to more than their threshhold for a ride of a certain length.
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    try contacting Strava - I have always found them really helpful.
  • pastryboy
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    Private segment was my intention - I doubt anyone is doing the same 13 miles as I am.

    It has worked now. Found that when I zoomed in on the map to create it, it showed the privacy zones so I could start/stop just short of them.

    Seem to be quicker on fixed with bullhorns than geared with drops. Don't seem to be getting quicker overall though :cry:
  • itboffin
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    er couldn't you just look at the PB start / finish times and work out if you're quicker or slower?
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    If you mean me then not really - I was looking for a pattern over a period of months to see if there's general improvement. The plot graph is useful for this.
  • markhewitt1978
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    itboffin wrote:
    er couldn't you just look at the PB start / finish times and work out if you're quicker or slower?

    You could do that, but it's a lot of work when Strava will do it for you.