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Training for Speed

garetjaxgaretjax Posts: 175
Hi all,

I am wanting to improve my speed ( reduce my time) for 10 and 25 mile time trials, as part of a triathlon. I'd really appreciate any "cant go wrong" sessions that would help.

To be honest, I have always struggled to improve my speed on a bike. I've never cracked it. I am very strong on the hills ( used to mountain bike alot) but really weak on the flat. If I was to do a 10 mile TT now i'd probably get around 26-27 mins. I want to get to 25 mins.

Thanks for any pointers.

btw : I cant get to my local TT due to other commitments.


  • diydiy Posts: 6,680
    Whats your technique like are you getting consistently smooth power out?
    Are you going off at a cracking pace and then running out of puff or coasting too much and having some spare?
    Are you well tucked in on the bike to get your drag down?
    Are you bobbing about at the upper cadence?

    Intervals always tend to work for me, but if you have any issues with technique, i'd start there.
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,027
    1 clue... you dont train for speed for timetrialling.
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