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Dislocated shoulder and ligament damage

mrolimroli Posts: 3,622
So - how long do you reckon before I can ride again? Having problems putting my socks on at the moment... :(


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 25,956
    Dunno... Contador won the Giro with a dislocated shoulder... but admittedly he had someone fitting his socks... :wink:
  • BelgianBeerGeekBelgianBeerGeek Posts: 5,226
    Ride sockless.
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  • slowmartslowmart Posts: 4,070
    Age plays a massive part in your bodies ability to repair itself.....

    Too many variables for an informed answer and pushing too hard too soon will only diminish your bodies healing capacity. The best remedy here is your mental approach.
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    Desmond Tutu
  • mlgtmlgt Posts: 366
    I would say let your body tell you when. Ive dc my shoulder many times and eventually opted for surgery. They had a good old clean, but keyhole is great. Only 3 small scars. Whats important is your rehab process.

    Resistance bands are good. But as said see how you feel and don't rush into it. I remember the latter times when I dc my shoulder it took about a week or so to get back on the bike. This was after I managed to pop the shoulder back in whilst on holiday.
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  • mrolimroli Posts: 3,622
    Thanks all. I had a car pull across me and hit it at about 20mph, went over the roof and landed on my shoulder. Pretty painful still (4 days in) and cannot even conceive at how Contador could ride on with an injury even approaching this - typing is painful, let alone riding a bike. Consultant has given a diagnosis (by phone!) that I will need another 2 weeks in a sling. Am just a bit gutted, because had started to find some "form" and now going to lose it all. I guess the turbo could work.... Paolo - can you do sock fitting as wheel as wheel building?

    Oh - interestingly - to those who say Aksiums are "bomb-proof" - they are not ride into a car at 20mph proof - the front wheel is pretty out of shape (although the spokes pulled "free" rather than snapping)....
  • slowmartslowmart Posts: 4,070
    edited June 2015
    Easy to type, hard to do.

    Cut it loose. Accept your goosed and focus on recovery as thats the first stage.

    Post recovery you'll be hungrier and more focussed. Less fit but thats just temporary. :wink:

    Heal well and quickly
    “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realize fishing is stupid and boring”

    Desmond Tutu
  • CygnusCygnus Posts: 1,879
    Hope you heal soon.

    As others have said, go by how you feel. I've never had any dislocated bones so I don't know how long they take to heal, but I broke my collar bone a couple of months ago, had a metal plate and screws inserted and was in a sling for 4 weeks but was off the bike for 3 months, but towards the end of the 3 months I felt I was ready to get back on the bike, although I had a turbo which made it easier to tell when I was ready. So I'm certain you will know when you're ready, but when you do get back on the bike you should start off with a gentle ride, I have lots of parks near me and am close to the river so my first ride was a ride along the prom and back through the parks.
  • type:epyttype:epyt Posts: 766
    How long was the shoulder out for?

    I've dislocated both shoulders ... First time, I got it back in in less than 60 seconds and was back in the gym in 10 days and on the bike in 3 weeks.

    Second time, it was too severe a dislocation to put back in myself and no-one would do it for me so was 90 minutes before by chance a doctor came along (I'd asked him as a random to help me put my jacket on) and popped it back in ... Took 2 years before it would stop randomly popping out ... No amount of rehab would help keep it in.
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  • mrolimroli Posts: 3,622
    Not long thank goodness. A 'slight' dislocation, but the ligament damage is the problem apparently. It has freed up a bit, but can't take any weight. Have almost got over the cycling disappointment, now more pissed off I can't hug my kids....

    And I want to ride my bike....
  • hugo15hugo15 Posts: 1,101
    Talk to the docs and get a good understanding of the ligament damage. There is basically a washer that holds the arm into the shoulder socket. I'd ripped 25% off this off, which meant no amount of re-hab was going to fix it. Wasn't until after my 5th dislocation I saw a consultant who operated. While surgery is not something to rush into it was the best thing I could have done and has sorted the issue.
  • mlgtmlgt Posts: 366
    As above see docs, who if they feel needs surgery will point you in the right direction. In the meantime rest up!

    I was like hugo and after my 5th or 6th dc I opted to have surgery. I have 2 kids and I felt it was necessary to have the surgery especially the last time it dc was simply trying to catch something and I jutted myself and out it popped.

    Keep us updated on how you heal and what the next step is :)
    N2 - SW1

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