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Campag Centaur 10 speed upgrade to 11

aquickoneaquickone Posts: 148
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Hi all,
I am currently running a full Centaur Black/Red 10 speed groupset and am wondering what the compatibility is to run it 11 speed? I realise I have to get a new cassette, rear mech, chain and right hand shifter at least. Would it be OK to run the chainset in the setup and the front mech? I was going to run Athena for the "upgrade" bits would all of that play nicely together? any help much appreciated. Cheers.
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  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 25,708
    Is it worth to spend all that money for an extra sprocket?

    Campag doesn't even do 32 T cassettes, so it's really just a waste of money... not to speak about the fact that 11 speed campag cassettes cost twice or three times as much as your 10 speed ones

    I really struggle to find a positive in a sea of negatives... enlighten me... :shock:
  • aquickoneaquickone Posts: 148
    To be honest I hadn't really looked that far into it. I just saw the shiny new Shimano 5800 11 speed on my girlfriends new Merckx and thought "I'd like some of that" and wondered what the options were. If it's a whole world of expense for not a lot of gain then like you say probably not worth it! Cheers for the advice.
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    Eddy Merckx EMX-1
    Eddy Merckx AMX-1
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,311
    Nobody counts your cogs....., even the guys at your rear wheel have no interest, I still ride 9 and nobody ever commented on that.
  • de_sistide_sisti Posts: 1,191
    I also run 9s, but with Campag 10s levers (Shimano 9s cassette, Campag f/r mech).
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