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Agwa VS Marasa

Glenster0804Glenster0804 Posts: 5
edited May 2015 in Commuting general
Hi All,

If you read my earlier posts than you are aware of my situation. If not then basically need a good and reliable bike to commute to work. Was tipped that the voodoo range were excellent value for money for low entry level.

But have found a new but unboxed voodoo agwa and marasa for the same price of £250 with extras of lights, pump, bottle holder and speedo computer included in the package. Whice model is the better of the two and what are the differences?

Also have the choice of an 18" or 20", which would be a better fit. I am 5ft 9 with an in seam leg of 30 inches.

Thanks for your help.

Glen H


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