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Bizarre experience -no power can't elevate heart rate

dangerousdave.dangerousdave. Posts: 57
Hello all, hoping for some advice following tonight's ride.
A bit of background, 4th season cycling with 4.5k miles in 2014 including a cx season. 3 solid months training few to now, averaging 7-8 hrs per week with a good base of z2 with either a chain gang or some cat 3/4 races. Did a hilly 80 miler on Sunday and went well but started to feel flat towards the end of the ride. Rested Monday and Tuesday.
Took the bike out today after work for what was going to be a 2.5 hr session. Headed west into the wind and quickly felt like the legs had no power, battled on until deciding to cut the ride short down to 1.5 hrs. From 45mins onwards I could not raise my heart rate above z2 level, started to think it was the hr meter playing up but I could talk comfortAbly suggesting its not far off. Legs had no power and I started to go cold towards the end. I bet you are all thinking I've bonked, but I had a big lunch at midday (roast dinner) and had a couple of yogurts before cycling. I don't feel ill or particularly tired, and sleeping relatively well.
While I know it's unlikely that my body has turned to mush in 3 days, I'm puzzled by it.
Any thoughts?


  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,027
    Get yourself on the turbo.
    Switch on Trainer Road... follow the 'The Hunted'
    If you fail to keep up after 15 minutes you are overreached, overtired, under the weather...
    rest up for 48 hours and repeat.
    Why be puzzled... it happens to every single person from time to time.
    You need to be able to interpret what is going on in your own body better.
    As an aide to this, actually writing a training diary can force you to assess things that you probably want to sweep under the carpet.
  • I bet you are all thinking I've bonked

    After 45 mins of cycling?

    I agree with JGSI, but also check your breaks weren't stuck on.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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