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Tendon inflammation

964cup964cup Posts: 1,359
I did a 100-miler a little over a week ago. Had some knee pain (a recurrent issue, patellar tendon). That was bearable, and cleared quickly after the ride. But I seem to have inflamed my tibialis anterior tendon (the one that runs up the outside front of the shin, and raises/lowers the foot). This got worse over the following week - doubtless exacerbated by my continuing to ride - and has now taken me off the bike.

Treatment is rest, ice and NSAIDs; the question is cause. It was a new bike to me (a classic steel frame), but there was nothing radically different in the position; saddle height was the same as my other bikes, and if anything I was less stretched out than normal. It's also the longest ride I've done in those shoes: Shimano RT-82s on two-bolt SPD cleats, normally used for commuting and shorter winter rides - but I've had them a year and done 1,000s of Ks in them. It was my first 100-miler of the year, but again this is a distance I do fairly frequently and the pace was deliberately relaxed (about a 26kph average); about 2,000m of climbing over the ride.

Anyone have any ideas where I should look for causative factors? I would really like to avoid recurrence - it's painful, and with the weather like this, I want to be out on my bike.


  • PandsPands Posts: 40
    Where are you based?

    In short find a good physio, I can recommend one if your near preston... I have had both patellar tendonitis and problems with my achilles tendon.

    Both times it was due to bad flexibility, physio highlighted this right away and along with his treatment and stretches to do at home it was cured in no time at all.
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  • 964cup964cup Posts: 1,359
    I'm in London. Had been thinking of a physio, but planning to wait until the initial inflammation died down. Might go tomorrow if it's not clearing.
  • PandsPands Posts: 40
    I did the same put it off for ages.. honestly 3 sessions at the physio and £90 quid later I was back running and cycling.

    Good luck
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  • white91white91 Posts: 431
    I had achilles problems after a 200 mile ride, I had to rest approx 6 weeks, and lower my saddle
  • trekvettrekvet Posts: 220
    4 weeks ago I went down with Tibialis Anterior Tendonitis as a result of running and having been increasing the stretches (that I probably got lax with) am about to start on the exercises. Have printed out this - miss first page-
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  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,148
    Seriously - take up Yoga - once a week - will sort any issues like this and stop them in future.
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