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Race bike comfort issues

colinsmith123colinsmith123 Posts: 579
Back on my race bike. Bike set up the same as last year, based on Retul measurements with a couple of changes. New saddle and seatpin with the setback increased by 10mm as per bike fitters suggestion last year.

Problem 1. Left hand numbness
Problem 2. Left side of perineum soreness

Saddle on the winter bike was a Prologo Scratch (which died during P-R last week), race bike saddle last year a Spesh Romin.which I've replaced the Romin with a Prologo Nago, which is supposed to be the correct type of saddle for my flexibility.

Your thoughts greatly apreciated.
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  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 6,327
    Pretty much impossible to say but one sided soreness may indicate stretching too far on one side so a leg length discrepency or similar (pelvis out of alignment etc) or you are sitting lopsided. You could try a bit of insole in that side or a shim under the cleat - or you could put the saddle back where it was and see if that is better as further back will increase the reach to the pedals. Few people are symmetrical.

    Alternatively it may just be the saddle doesn't suit you. Was talking to a mate yesterday who paid for a fit from someone with a great rep - often recommended on here and I know others who have gone to him and been happy. Anyway this guy experienced 6 months of leg pain on the bike and asked the local shop to have a look while he was in biying something. Result was the shop said he was all wrong, charged £50 for a fit moving everything, spending a lot of time on the cleats, narrower bars the lot - result he is now riding pain free. No fitter is going to get it right all the time so don't be afraid to move away from the advice you were given.
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  • BrandonABrandonA Posts: 553
    You've contradicted yourself. Getting a new saddle is a change to the setup which could make the bike fit you had completely irrelevant.

    I remember one of the Eurosport commentators saying that they have multi bike fits each year. The reason fro this is that your body changes as your fitness changes.

    Things change other time either with your or your bike which may require changes to your bike setup,
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