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Turbo Trainer Tyre

cc78cc78 Posts: 599
Hello, I'm looking for some advice about trainer tyres... I've been using a CycleOps Fluid2 trainer since January, done about 60 hours thereon, nothing too mega (my virtual FTP is 249), but I noticed the other day that the tyre (a standard issue CycleOps tyre that came with the trainer) has started to bulge, as you can see from the following pictures...



It's definitely the tyre that is wonky and not the inner tube, as I have used the same tube on a road tyre in the meantime, with no problems.

My questions for those who know about these things...

- is this normal after the amount of usage I have done?
- is it likely to affect my performance on the trainer (I can hear a light thump with every wheel revolution which I assume is the tyre bumping off the drum)?
- is it dangerous and likely to burst, damaging the trainer and/or the wheel?
- should I change it?
- if so, what tyre would you recommend?

Thanks in advance for your help...


  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,397
    That is not normal, I would look at the Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Home Trainer Tyre (about £18) which has stood me in good stead for over 2 years now with regular useage throughout the years, it has done over 6000 miles to date.

    As to performance the tyre cannot be rolling correctly so IMO it will be affecting it to a degree, tyres do burst but I doubt it would cause damage but don't take this as gospel.
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    I'd change it - that tyre has overheated and warped. If nothing else, the bump isn't very nice for you, the bike or the turbo.
    I've got a stash of old road tyres I intend to use on the turbo - saves buying a dedicated one, especially for the amount I don't use it - but it may be worth it for you ...
  • birdy247birdy247 Posts: 454
    This is not normal for the amount of usage you have done.

    What size tyre have you got on there? How tight is the roller against the tyre.
  • cc78cc78 Posts: 599
    Thanks for the replies.

    The tyre is the standard 700-23 size and the roller has a clicker to tighten it against the wheel, so that shouldn't be a problem. Although it was very tough to put on/take off the tyre the first couple of times I did it.

    I will have a look for the Vittoria tyre and maybe stick an old road tyre on in the meantime.

    Thanks again.
  • taon24taon24 Posts: 185
    I would avoid using road tyres on a turbo, my road tyres pick up loads of rubbish and I have tried to avoid that getting onto and damaging the turbo drum. I have a pair of cheap tyres which I use on the turbo. A cheap wired tyre costs about £5 and weight, puncture resistance and road feel are really irrelevant on a turbo. Will a turbo tyre really last three times longer.
  • bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
    I use a Conti Ultragator on my turbo after disaster with specialist turbo tyres which are a nightmare to fit and shed rubber all over the place.

    It's quite superb. Being using same tyre for 2 years now. I and have racked up thousands of miles, it's very smooth, grips well and doesnt heat up much.
    Martin S. Newbury RC
  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,397
    The Vittoria turbo tyre I mentioned in my first post has never had the problems of shedding rubber and is not too bad to get on and off the wheel although I cannot comment on other turbo tyres as this one seems to just go on and on.
  • mamba80mamba80 Posts: 5,032
    yep the Vitt trainer tyre appears to be indestructible, unlike Taxc and Conti turbo tires, which for me, were useless, never had a problem getting any trainer tire on or off, would depend on the rim i guess.
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