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Morning Losers!

I've got the day off work! Wooo! Sadly it's so that I can get my motorbike MOT'd. Booo!

Busy day off after that. I have to parcel up a snowboard and a TV and get them sent off, and then I need to go on a biiiig bike ride. See how far I can go and how long. The weather is looking fantastic, so I've picked a good day for this :D

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    Morning Ladies,

    Getting there slowly...

    Gym this morning @ 6:30 - not bad.

    KMD training last night - 90min, well I survived.

    Business trip to Surrey later on today - but no ride out tonight :(

    Still looking for my new bike...might go to Giant Demo day on Sunday to try some bikes in different sizes as I am still not sure M or L.... ?

    Have a nice one guys !

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    Commute in on the cx bik will be the highlight of the day after working too late last night meant a shoot sleep :(
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    Feel like death warmed up. Shoot sleep on the couch because of this poxy cough keeping me awake. Only had 3 pints but have a completely unreasonable hangover to add to the general feeling shyte. Drove in because I still can't breathe properly so I didn't even enjoy the wobble in to work. More idiot retail customers on the phone. Most of the awkward questions seem to be steering related this week, not sure why.
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    Afternoon cruddites, back overseas again, very pleasant flight out I'm told as I managed 7.5 hours sleep through the 9 hour flight - now that's the way to travel! Apparently we took off at some point!

    Looking forward to a bike ride on Sunday and it gets me through the day!
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    Spent the morning arguing with someone if you try and print using an XPS document writer, it doesnt come out anywhere. Picked up some Multi release cleats while I was on lunch and ive a delivery of random gumph when I get home for the bikes.
    Onwards to battle more useless users!
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    Year end reporting hell just finished and signed off - now out for cider and pub food :)
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    Evening plum sukkers

    Shredding loads of archived paperwork today, now thats how you have fun at work.

    Due to decent weather i left early for some outdoor sport related activity!

    Foods time.....toodles.
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