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Frame vs Fork

ZootHornRolloZootHornRollo Posts: 85
edited April 2015 in MTB general

I am about to purchase a new MTB.

I am looking at a Scott Scale 760 which comes with an XC30 TK Solo Air fork. ... -760-tw-l/

However someone on the buying board has drawn my attention to Radon bikes - ... wg_id-6198
The Radon seems to be a half step above the Scott on almost everything but i guess the biggest difference would be made by the fork.

Is the Reba that much better than the XC30 to take a punt on a relatively unknown frame?

I can get the Scott 760 for a shade over £800 from LBS or a never seen bike from germany for £780 by the time delivery etc is added. So it really comes down to a battle of fork vs frame?


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