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bazaslnbazasln Posts: 3
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i am very new to cycling, i would like to know which tyres are the the best for road use is it gatorskins or gp 4000s


  • DKayDKay Posts: 1,652
    Too general a question to answer. 'Which tyres are best' is asked at least twice a week and everyone has their own personal favourite. What's your milage, what do you want from your tyres, how much do you weigh, etc, etc. Look around on the forum and do some research and you will find.

    Welcome btw. :)
  • kenongkenong Posts: 21
    Between the 2 you mentioned, the GP4kS II
  • olake92olake92 Posts: 182
    I currently use neither of the two you mentioned, but have in the past. That said, GP4000s over gatorskins. Gators are like riding on ice.
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  • ForumNewbieForumNewbie Posts: 1,664
    I prefer Gatorskins.
  • You've asked a very broad question, and there's much more to tyres than those two. Gatorskins are pretty cheap, very long lasting, very tough, and for a tyre that provides the aforementioned, at the lighter end. The price you pay is that they're rock hard and aren't very grippy. A good choice for training and commuting.
  • BrandonABrandonA Posts: 553
    How would you define best?

    Colour/style? Price? Weight? Rolling resistance? How long they last? Some other means?
  • ForumNewbieForumNewbie Posts: 1,664
    I have used Gatorskins on my steel Audax bike for the last few years and they have been great. I also have a Specilialized Sirrus hybrid bike, which had 28 mm Specialized tyres on until yesterday when I changed them for new 25 mm folding Gatorskins. Each tyre is over 100 grams lighter than the Specialized ones. I had a 20 mile ride on the Sirrus yesterday with the Gatorskins on and they definitely roll much better than the Specialized tyres.

    I also previously tried GP4000s on my carbon bike, but found them not as good as the Schwalbe Ultremos that came with the bike, so I changed them back.
  • IanRCarterIanRCarter Posts: 217
    Going to throw a vote in for GP4000S 25mm. Fast, grippy and good puncture protection. Done over 4000 miles on them, rear is getting close to needing replacing, front is in better shape and so that can be recycled to the rear.

    You've asked a very general question though, comparing two tyres with different goals. The GP4000s are a fast training tyre, at a push you could describe them as a tough race tyre, then the Gatorskins are hard wearing tyre with very good puncture protection.

    Alternatives to the GP4000s and Gatorskins would be Michelin Pro4 Service Course and Endurance respectively. There are of course other brands which also sell quality tyres, it just depends what you want from them (cheap, durable, puncture resistant, grip (wet and dry), light, rolling resistance etc.).
  • lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,252
    Michelin Pro4 Endurance.
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  • yayayaya Posts: 411
    Michelin Pro4 Endurance.

    Just ordered a pair of 25's from in France...they charge in EUR so at the current exchange rate it's a good deal (and the same goes for wheelsets...very tempting...)
  • DKayDKay Posts: 1,652
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  • bazaslnbazasln Posts: 3
    thanks for all the advice, think i will with gp400s i know it was a very general question with so many tyres on the market but thanks for the help
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Well I've been using 25mm Conti GP 4 Seasons on my wet weather bike for years. Rarely puncture and never come off due to lack of grip. Stupidity, yes, lack of grip, no.

    Just fitted a pair of Michelin Pro 4 SC on the summer bike; got to be an improvement on the £9 Rubinos they replaced :D
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